A FREE SERVICE FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO obtain free wood chips


We are a local cooperative of Portland Arborists offering to give a way our wood to local home owners in the metro area.  We have been giving a way wood to home owners through an informal network for years but in 2018 decided to start this website to create a easy way for Portlander’s to request wood. 
1. Put in a request for wood chips by clicking the “Get Free Wood Chips” button below and filling out the form. There is no other way to get on list besides filling out the form.
2.When our arborists need to drop a load of wood chips they will look at our list to find the requests that are closest to them. If they have a load that matches the request then they will accept the request. If you have requested a call before they dump if they don’t get ahold of you they will move on to the next request. 
3. Once the arborist accepts the request your wood chips will be delivered sometime between 10 min- 48 hours after the request is accepted. 
4. If you would like to keep getting wood chips all you need to do is let us know to keep you on the list. If you need time to process the load that was dropped please let us know once you are ready to receive wood chips again. If you wish to cancel your request before receiving wood chips you must text us at 503-345-6719 to be removed from the list